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Colburn and Guyette Consulting Partners, Inc. offer a variety of consulting services to the Foodservice Industry. Our firm specializes in delivering the finest food facilities planning and design services available by producing creative solutions to our clients’ needs.

Colburn & Guyette Consulting Partners, Inc. is a well-established local consulting firm with its roots extending back five decades. The company was originally founded in the 1950’s by Anthony Michaels. Mr. Michaels began his consulting practice before the use of food service consultants was widely accepted. In the 70’s the firm was continued by Mr. Michael Colburn. Mr. Colburn built the firm to its current status as the premier food service consulting firm in New England. In 1991, after a brief stint as Senior Designer for another consulting firm, Todd Guyette rejoined Michael’s firm as a partner. Todd has since assumed ownership of what has been for many years a first class food service consulting firm. Our well-established roots afford us a network of industry professionals that can assist us in solving even the most intricate and complicated design problems.

Founded on the premise that food service consulting is a service business, our firm has carried this attitude forward through the years. Even with the advances in computer systems technology and food service technology, we have never lost sight of our firms’ basic premise.  Our most important goal is that our clients receive the very best service available. We do this by:

Our Firm has been consulted on a variety of projects involving all aspects of food facilities design. In addition to design and engineering of Food Facilities and Laundries, we offer expertise in cook-chill technology, refrigeration engineering, energy management, ecology systems and construction management.

A review of our past projects will show a diversity of experience that is unmatched. This diversity is beneficial to all our clients. Also beneficial is the geographical range of our projects, which has allowed us the opportunity to learn operating techniques and systems that vary regionally and internationally. We believe that these benefits combined with the quality and experience of our staff make our firm uniquely qualified to address your design and operational needs.

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