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INNOVATIVE AND CREATIVE: We are considered by many to be the most innovative and creative foodservice consultants in New England. Our strength is developing solutions to design problems on an individual project basis. Our creative solutions are the result of careful exploration of many possibilities and not just the ones that are expedient and easy. From the conceptual design to the details of millwork counters to the resolution of an unforeseen site condition, this "out of the box" thinking is evident in all phases of our work.

PROFESSIONAL MEMBERS OF FCSI: When considering a foodservice project, an FCSI consultant should be your first choice. FCSI is the only such consulting society in the world. FCSI maintains a global focus with members in over 35 countries dedicated to providing the highest quality of service. In order to gain acceptance into the Society, members must meet strict criteria assuring their experience and overall professionalism. FCSI consultants maintain high ethical standards and work efficiently to achieve total client satisfaction. FCSI is committed to education. That is why all FCSI Professional members are required to accumulate continuing education units (CEU's) to maintain that level of membership.

BRIDGING THE GAP: We understand the needs of the design team and we understand the needs of foodservice operators. Our responsibility is to help bridge the gap that sometimes exists between architecture and foodservice. Most of our projects have an operator involved somewhere in the design process. We believe that they have a role in this process and that their input is extremely valuable. We also believe that our role is to help the design team understand the implications of the input provided by the operator and that the operator understands the implication of design decisions. We help both sides meet their goals within the framework of the overall needs of the project.

OUR FOCUS IS ON FOODSERVICE: Foodservice Consulting is our only business. We do not operate facilities, nor do we sell equipment. We are not architects and interior designers and we do not compete with these key members of the design team. Our only focus is on providing our clients and their design teams with the best foodservice consulting services possible.

FEE FOR SERVICE: We are independent consultants. We earn our fee by providing our consulting services. We do not earn commissions on equipment sales or food sales. As such, we are able to give unbiased advice and to help protect our clients from inflated equipment costs. While equipment dealers and foodservice vendors may offer "free" design services, the cost of those services are passed along through mark-ups on equipment and/or food sales. Our recommendations and designs are based on our vast experience and on the needs of our clients not on any deals or arrangements with manufacturers, suppliers or operators.

CHECKS AND BALANCES: As a member of your team we offer a system of checks and balances with respect to equipment selection, purchase, coordination and installation. We are here to represent you and to keep the foodservice equipment supplier in check in terms of design, selection and cost of equipment. We ensure that you are getting the equipment that you need at a fair price and that the equipment is delivered and installed as specified. Our design documentation is geared toward maximum coordination with the design team to minimize coordination issues (and expense) in the field.

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